Best Exercise For Slim Legs

Set realistic goals!

Definitely the most important – no matter if beginner or advanced! A body like actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or model Heidi Klum can’t be reached in a few weeks! That’s why it’s important to set smaller goals that you can reach easily! Examples would you like? No problem!

“Lose 5 kilos until your next holiday” or “15 chin-ups in 8 weeks” (by the way: train chin-ups here) – these are realistic goals. If you do something that you can’t achieve in a short time, you quickly lose your desire and motivation!

Make yourself a plan!

A plan gives structure to your plans – no matter if you want to go to the gym 2 or 6 times a week! If you make a plan, you better stick to it. Set fixed times and plan your workouts! That doesn’t have to be a month in advance – that’s enough the night before. Positive side effect: You don’t wander around in the studio and simply train more effectively!

Create a playlist & don’t get distracted!

Listening to music in sports is a great motivation. That’s why you should put together a fat playlist before you start, which will also lift the last repetition, or the last kilometer to hold out! Maybe you just try out a genre you don’t hear very often! No matter what you choose, the main thing is that it has power and cool beats! With classical music nobody has reached his limit yet – at least I think so. 😉

Get your food right before & after training!

Nutrition is half the battle during training – actually even more than that! Feed your body about 1 – 2 hours before your workout with a protein- and carbohydrate-rich meal! Just make sure that it’s not too much in your stomach – you’d better just test out what gives you the power you need!

Very important after training: replenish carbohydrates and proteins! This does not necessarily have to be the usual protein shake variant – but you should replenish your empty reserves and supply your muscles one hour after training at the latest!

Drink coffee 30 minutes before your workout!

This is a little secret tip from me. If you drink coffee about half an hour before the workout, your nervous system will be stimulated. This will help you to reach your limits! But be careful: one cup of coffee is enough – that’s all it should be! Of course you can also have an espresso – but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 😉

Warm yourself up sensibly!

You see them again and again – the people running from the changing room directly to the weight bench and off you go. That’s the worst thing you can do! The risk of injury is enormous, you can never reach your potential and therefore you can’t train effectively. You definitely don’t have to do hours of cardio sessions as a warm-up – on the contrary! Stand on the crosstrainer or treadmill for 5 – 10 minutes. That’s enough! You will reach operating temperature and become more efficient – and remain injury-free!

Use a Blackroll BEFORE your workout!

The Blackroll is currently a very popular tool – for beginners as well as professionals. The fascia roll loosens the responsible fabric and makes it more flexible. Many use the whole thing after the workout – but you should try it BEFORE the workout! Because of the loosened tissue, your mobility increases during the workout! Find out more about fascia training here!

Do the exercises correctly & slowly!

A very important punk! Why? Quite simply – because the muscles grow faster! Who works with momentum or fast, loses effectiveness. Sure, you’ll lift more weight, but your muscles won’t carry that. So work slowly and concentrated – your body will thank you!

Challenge complex, large muscle groups!

1000 Crunches to the Sixpack? That is of course complete nonsense! The good news: Each of us has a six-pack! The bad one: The fat layer over it is unfortunately a bit too thick for many of us. One does not see the abdominal muscles therefore. But if you only demand your abdominal muscles every day, you will only burn a few calories.

But if you demand your leg muscles (the largest muscle group in your body), your chest muscles or your back muscles – you will burn lots of calories. These excess calories will help you uncover the six-pack! But not that you now think abdominal muscle training is completely unnecessary. Because a pronounced musculature in the “core” area stabilises you during all exercises!

Lay “small” exercises in the breaks!

Here, too, the abdominal muscles come into play. They are the best example for me. Who hasn’t skipped the crunches and sit-ups after the workout?! I admit, even the prince has already caught himself!

But why don’t you include the exercises in your training? Just do a few sit-ups during the break instead of running around or checking your whatsapp messages! Works perfectly with all “smaller” exercises! Just make sure that the muscle group you’re actually training isn’t really strained!

Increase the weights!

Especially the girls shouldn’t be afraid here – you won’t become a muscle package right away! But those who always work with the same weights will simply stagnate. The muscle is no longer challenged and does not grow. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? So people, regularly increase the weights during the exercises! But beware: do not exaggerate! After all you should control the weight and not the weight yourselves! 😉

Put value on regeneration!

Muscles don’t grow during training! This cannot be said often enough. Only in the resting phase after the workout the cracks are repaired and with it the muscle grows! So if you train often, you have to consume a lot of protein, drink a lot and sleep a lot! In the sleep phase (ideal are 7 – 9 hours) the body regenerates ideally!

If you train a lot, you will eventually notice that you are not 100% efficient. A slight muscle soreness here, a little pain here. At this point simply treat yourself to a day break and then start all over again! The so-called “overtraining” must be avoided at all costs!

Reward yourself!

Quite exhausting to follow all the tips and the healthy nutrition or?! I agree with you. Therefore it is all the more important to reward yourself from time to time! Treat yourself to a little cheat day once a week – but it shouldn’t be as blatant as “The Rock”‘s! But if you treat yourself to a tasty pizza on Sundays, you won’t gain weight right away! So, also knock on the door! 😉





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