Can small companies outperform the big ones?

An American start-up is developing an agnostic blockchain protocol to provide small businesses with affordable accounting service thailand and access to new technologies and to drive the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto currencies.

Opporty, whose founders have a lot of experience and come from the USA, has also established a “marketplace for trustworthy and tested services” on the Ethereum blockchain. It also offers features such as intelligent contracts, decentralized trust accounts and lead generation. The company believes that its platform helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) compete with large companies without having to invest heavily in technology and marketing.

Comprehensive coverage

Opporty has now launched the localization of its platform in China, the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. According to Cointelegraph, approximately 10 vendors per day currently log on to the platform. “That’s why we find that SMBs are ready to grow with Opporty and enjoy the benefits. Opporty is an online marketplace that cares,” added the company’s representative.

First providers have already registered

At the beginning of 2018 Opporty won two new customers in New York. Both offer crypto payment options on their websites.

Universal Accounting Systems uses the start-up’s platform to enable its customers to use Bitcoin and Ethereum to pay for tax planning and other services. It uses Opporty’s smart widget to provide its customers with an easy overview of its services and the ability to pay with crypto currencies.

The Hudson Law Group, led by David Treyster, offers some custom crypto-based services to its clients through the Opporty Marketplace. This company also uses the smart widget and is already performing crypto transactions.

The company says that the number of US vendors that have registered on the platform has increased. In the recently released Australian version, there are already new vendors who accept crypto payments. Among them is OPP, the company’s own token.

Opporty’s widgets allow users to receive payments from customers. Companies offering their crypto-based offerings through Opporty will receive smart widgets on their websites. Once the widget is on the site, customers can choose different payment options, including ETH and BTC.

“Small entrepreneurs are currently realizing that crypto currencies can give them a head start over their competitors,” Opporty founder Sergey Grybniak said in a press release. Opporty enables everyone to use crypto currencies and the associated advantages of blockchain. And that without having to master the underlying technology, the entrepreneur continued.

The Opporty Plasma Protocol

In March 2018, the Opporty team decided to use Ethereum’s plasma protocol. The aim is to “address trust issues in business transactions and privacy issues in traditional blockchain solutions”. Opporty’s first backend version of the plasma solution enabled users to process approximately 5,000 transactions per second, according to the company.

“Then we decided to develop our own solution for Plasma Cash, an extension technology for the plasma protocol. After much and long work, our developers were able to improve the technology and achieve the highest public test result. We even outperformed Alipay in its best time,” the Opporty team told Cointelegraph.

Opporty’s B2B platform enables providers to target their services to the B2B services marketplace, publish quotes, receive quotes, and conduct business.

The company claims to solve trust and sustainability issues between business partners by storing business data, including transaction quality, on the blockchain. It enables the verification and confirmation of the trustworthiness of the other party by means of the implemented plasma protocol. These advantages make Opporty a reliable option for domestic and cross-border transactions with crypto currencies. These can be used for supply chain risk management, corporate transactions and public procurement. The PoE protocol enables integration with other blockchain-based platforms.

Great success

The Opporty project is constantly receiving new updates and features, such as BLS sleeper signatures and delegated deployment certificates, as well as zk-SNARKs.

Opporty is currently in beta. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is already available for use. The open source code was released on GitHub.

Opporty is a member of the Chinese Community Trade Association and is advised by Daniel Wu, Deputy Director of the One Belt One Road Development Center.

In April 2018, Opporty joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative. EEA is a non-profit organisation that promotes best practices for Ethereum-based technologies and the industry as a whole.

The company is proud to be a partner of InfiniVision Network Technology of Shanghai. Both companies work together in the areas of Big Data and Blockchain Integration.

In 2018, Opporty received two Bronze Awards, a prestigious distinction among entrepreneurs and innovators. It won the Stevie International Business Competition in the following categories: The Company of the Year, Business or Expert Service category in the Small Business category and the Online Marketing Campaign of the Year category.

Opporty understood that an online marketplace could be much more than just a business product and has therefore become a UN Global Compact participant. As part of this initiative, Opporty’s team is conducting research to solve poverty and unemployment.


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