If you often go to the gym, run, play sports – we hope that one of your goals is to be efficient. This goal seems so obvious and is perceived as the “automatic side effect” of training that we forget about it many times and focus only on what is visible at first glance – bigger muscles, scratched abdomen or numbers on weight. The overall performance is shifted to the background, making training less and less versatile and focused on certain movements, so the body gets used to some effort and reduces its ability – not only in terms of progress but also in terms of overall performance.

Today we have a proposition for you – before you do your next training, read the following exercises to check your physical fitness and consider whether the form in which you are currently in is satisfactory.

If so, continue your training programme! But if you feel that there is a potential in you, think about how you can get it. One thing will be certain here. You will need to change your training. But before you make any changes, simply check yourself and see if you’re getting the most out of your training time.

Perform 7 tests below to check your strength, speed, condition, and agility.

Test #1 – 40m sprint

Measure the distance of 40m and stand on the starting line with one leg at the front. On the signal, run at maximum speed, decelerating gradually only after you have reached the set distance. Rest for about 2 minutes and do the test again. Your best result counts.


Test #2 – Lines (60m)

Determine the start line and measure the distances 5, 10 and 15 m from it. Prepare for the test by standing on the starting line with one leg at the front and waiting for the signal to start. At the signal, sprint to the 15m line and return to the starting position. After touching the start line with one of your legs, make a turn and run to the line 10m. Return to the start line and after touching it, make a sprint to the 5m line. Touch it and return to the start position to stop only after you have crossed the line. Rest for about 2 minutes and do the test again. Your best result counts.

A good result for men is between 15 and 16 seconds. For women, this time is 16.5-18 seconds.

Test #3 – Run over 1km

Run a distance of 1km as fast as you can.

For men, your score should be within 4 minutes. A good time for women is less than 5 minutes.

Test #4 – Jumping

Stand upright with your hand stretched out over the head and your feet flat on the floor. Measure the distance between your fingertip and heel. Then jump upwards as much as possible by touching the selected point at the highest point (e.g. on the wall). Measure the difference between the standing and jumping result. This result is your result of a brave jump.

For men, a good result is over 50 cm. For women over 40 cm.

TEST #5 – Jump away

In front of the line, you can see a line with your legs in the width of your hips. Then jump ahead as far as you can. Mark the line where your rear heel touches the ground and measure the distance between the lines.

A good result for women and men is a result at least 50cm above your height.

Test #6 – Kettlebell clean and press

Repeat the kettlebell clean and press as many as possible in 10 minutes (a good tactic is to do 5 repetitions in 15 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds). The aim is to perform 100 repetitions.

If you are a male, use a 20 or 24 kg kettlebell for this exercise. If you are a woman, use kettlebell 12 or 16kg.


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