Marketing for small businesses – proven tips

We know perfectly well that every company needs a good presence on the Internet. However, online marketing for small businesses can generate budget problems. Why? Many people say that “money makes money” – without concrete investments, it is impossible to expect even more concrete income. Well, perhaps that is true. There are, however, some proven ways for a small business to carry out effective marketing activities at a low cost.

Can a small business or startup invest colossal funds in promotion? In most cases, it is absolutely not. After all, it is not without reason that companies of this type belong to the so-called small business. What to do in such a situation? Observe the following proven marketing methods:

Take a look at this sentence:

We are creative and professional, we have experience and our projects are characterized by high quality.

Can you trust a company that describes itself this way? Perhaps your first thought is “why not”, but let’s face it. The above quote says nothing. It is a bunch of words that companies have been grossly abusing.

“Creative”? Today, everyone creates themselves as creative, but behind this word in most cases, there is emptiness. The same with guaranteed professionalism. The customer accepts this as a standard. Finally, we always look for a service provider that will meet our expectations and fulfill all the cooperation professionally. What about the experience? Here, too, you can argue, because having experience does not guarantee solid, hard skills at all.

The point is not to tell fairy tales. Nobody is interested in fine words. The potential customer expects the company to offer him an advantage. It does what the customer has set out to do.

2) Call to action – a call to action.

Marketing for small businesses must rely on properly selected CTAs. If your company offers several services and one of them can be distinguished as a flagship, use it.

At one time, our blog published a text presenting as many as 18 reasons why visitors do not click the CTA button. It is important to read the tips listed there. CTA buttons can significantly influence the number of inquiries.

3. newsletter.

Building a mailing base does not have to be a difficult and laborious process. There are many free tools that can effectively contribute to more visits to your website. An example of this can be MailChimp. However, the question arises: why do you do this?

A regular mailing campaign (e.g. once a week) allows you to keep in touch with the people who subscribe to your newsletter. One thing to remember, however, is that the materials sent by e-mail should be valuable. Otherwise, your e-mails will be considered unnecessary and this will result in leaving the newsletter or adding your e-mail address to the spam.

Check out our text on how to easily double the effectiveness of emails. I’m sure you’ll find some valuable clues there about mailing.

4. social media.

Nowadays, marketing for small businesses must be based on social media. Take a look at the graphics below:

It results in several types of activities in social media:


Your brand is being watched by a number of people. Try to make your entries more interesting in order to get observers involved.


If your content is of any interest to the observers, they will begin to follow your profile. This is important because it allows visitors to keep track of what you are doing.

Getting involved

It means performing basic actions: liking something, watching a film, reading the full content. At this point, you must try to make your content easy to share.

Active participation
This is an extension of previous activities. Actions that have a much greater impact on the spread of information about your brand are added to individual amicable agreements. I am thinking, in particular, of making it available.

Contribution to development

That is the goal that all owners of small businesses should pursue in social media. Why? Because that’s what social media are all about: to have a dedicated fan group that not only reads the text and does the basic job, but also contributes to your company’s development. All kinds of conversations, questions and comments have a positive impact on the perception of each brand. They evoke good associations among the observers. They prove that the owner responds to the needs of his potential customers.

Why does marketing for small businesses, especially in the budget option, assume such an important participation of social media in the life of a small company? Because it is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with visitors. After all, each of them can become your customer.

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