Upholstery cleaning

If upholstered furniture can no longer be cleaned in the conventional way, professional upholstery cleaning is indispensable. In addition, the Gatronomy service offers companies, hotels and public institutions the opportunity to keep all upholstery hygienically clean.

Hygiene in the private sector as well as in public facilities
With regard to professional upholstered furniture cleaning, upholstered furniture is treated and cleaned with special equipment and gentle cleaning products. In many cases it can also be worthwhile to remove heavy dirt from sofas, armchairs etc. instead of disposing of beautiful old pieces of furniture or having them reupholstered.

Pore-deep clean furniture – ideal for allergy sufferers
The comprehensive upholstery cleaning includes not only professional deep cleaning including impregnation but also the cleaning of heavy soiling using biodegradable products that are not harmful to health. Upholstery cleaning is suitable for all upholstery and fabrics, with professional cleaning promising faster drying times. Whether sofa, couch, chair, corner couch, seats, office upholstery, stool or car seats: after upholstery cleaning, the upholstered furniture is blasted new, smells fresh and is hygienically clean.

In addition, upholstery of all kinds is maintained on a long-term basis. Allergy sufferers in particular are dependent on regular upholstery cleaning and gentle upholstery cleaning services ensures that house dust mites, dust and the like no longer have a chance. Car seats also look like new after upholstery cleaning, because after upholstery cleaning the seats are not only free of lint and crumbs, but also clean deep into the pores.

Extending the service life of furniture
With effective sofa cleaning, it is possible to use the seat again a short time after cleaning. It is also possible to clean individual chair fittings and effectively remove bacteria, bad odours, dust and mites. Upholstery cleaning means feeling good and, thanks to high-quality impregnation, at the same time significantly extending the service life of the furniture.

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